Lady Gaga to make own wine

Singer Lady Gaga reportedly wants to make her own wine with boyfriend Taylor Kinney.

Lady Gaga

The pop icon was spotted in Sonoma County last week, and is allegedly interested in buying a property in the area with a view to making her own wine.

During the visit, Gaga told fellow guests she and Kinney wanted to grow their own grapes.

“Gaga is really into her food and wine. When she isn’t on tour she is cooking and drinking the most expensive bottles she can get her hands on.

“After touring in Europe she has taken a real interest in the production of her favourite reds,” a source told the Sun.

“She also sees a vineyard as a business investment and something she can work on with Taylor when her pop career comes to an end,” the source added.

The 25-year-old Italian American recently revealed she was a huge fan of red wine.

“My favourite way to catch up with friends is to have wine and food nights. We cook together and drink six or seven bottles of red wine,” she said.

During her trip to California, Gaga stopped into Sonoma’s Best deli and wine shop.

“When she came in I noticed the six-inch stiletto heals and knew that she couldn’t be from Sonoma,” said owner Gayle Jenkins.

Two days later, the songstress was spotted in the area again with Kinney, who joined Gaga at the bar of The Girl & the Fig where the pair sipped the restaurant’s signature Fig Kiss cocktail featuring FigCello di Sonoma liqueur, made locally from hand picked black mission figs.

Last December, db touted Gaga as one of our five “Ones to Watch” in 2012 in our Power List issue, predicting the singer to impact upon the wine market this year, having often tweeted about her love of wine to her 16m Twitter followers.

The eccentric singer, born Stefani Germanotta, topped last year’s Forbes celebrity list, with an estimated net worth of US$90m.

13 Responses to “Lady Gaga to make own wine”

  1. Margaret Rand says:

    She cooks and drinks it? She should be looking in Napa.

  2. AG Cilantro says:

    Margaret, are you saying they don’t cook food and drink wine in Sonoma?

  3. Kris Chislett says:

    I’d drink it! Love Gaga! 🙂

  4. June Juno says:

    @ Margaret – Why not Sonoma County? #1 Wine of #100 for 2011 Wine Spectator’s Top 100 in the WORLD was Kosta Browne, Pinot Noir from…..drum roll……SONOMA COUNTY. Thank you.

  5. Brian says:

    I’m from Sonoma, and we HATE Napa. 😀 j/k

  6. king of pop says:

    This comment has been moderated

    Lady Gag Gag is a dumb talentless gimmick. This is wine country we are talking about… go open a hair saloon in las vegas.

  7. Darlene DuCharme says:

    Now 20 million Twitter followers (as of last Sunday – the first person to reach that landmark).

  8. Scott says:

    Not Sonoma because we don’t want her here.

  9. Some Girl says:

    Hire me I need a job!

  10. Carolina Salmonsen says:

    Welcome the Lady! What else could we desire in Sonoma? We will then certainly have it all and I want to help her find her Dream Property. She is an amazing woman worthy of adoration and respect. My paws are UP!

  11. Robert Giorgione says:

    This is now getting ridiculous! Which celebrity will be next to jump on bandwagon?

  12. Salvatore Aceto says:

    Madonna, Motorheads, Bob Dylan, Sir Cliff Richard, etc… all of them have vineyards, why not Lady Gaga… if wine make her happy!

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