Trade bodies condemn minimum pricing

1st November, 2011 by Alan Lodge

Alcohol trade bodies have slammed today’s Scottish government proposal for a minimum price on alcohol.

The Scotch Whisky Association says the plan is unlikely to reduce alcohol misuse, is probably illegal and threatens one of Scotland’s key industries.

The Bill was published today and can be viewed here.

The industry body noted that Scottish government-commissioned research shows minimum pricing having no impact on the proportion of heavy drinkers in the country.

A statement said: “By violating European Union and international trade rules and encouraging copycat trade barriers, the policy puts at risk Scotch whisky exports worth more than £3.4 billion a year.”

Minimum pricing on spirits has previously been ruled illegal by the European Court of Justice as it is seen as a barrier to trade which….

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One Response to “Trade bodies condemn minimum pricing”

  1. Peter Bowyer says:

    Politicians can be relied upon to ignore the evidence, ignore public opinion and carry on in their own path built on prejudice and ignorance – let us not forget wars have been declared using these principles… How can any democracy work when the elected body ignores everything, even the research that the politicians have comissioned – because it disproves their petty minded theories?

    There are many vested interests at work here but in order for sense to prevail we all have to look at the evidence in a dispassionate manner and reach a conclusion without allowing pre-conceptions to prevail – sadly those in the position of making this decision are not suitably equipped.

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