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Monday 1 September 2014

Free Run Wines to launch Blume in the UK

24th October, 2011 by db_staff

Free Run Wines is launching a new range of white wines from the up-and-coming Spanish region of Rueda, in conjunction with wine exporter Felix Solis Avantis.

Initially developed for the domestic market, the “Blume” range has performed well in Spain, becoming the number one brand from Rueda in the Spanish off-trade, accounting for 15.2% of volume in May 2011.

The brand has also taken off in Germany, where it has been targeted at on-trade channels.

Felix Solis acquired the Castillo de Mudéjar winery in Rueda in 2005, via subsidiary company Pagos del Rey.

Following significant investment in facilities, production has been increased to around three million bottles per annum, enabling the company to take full advantage of strong growth over the last 12-18 months.

DO Rueda is currently the fastest growing winemaking region in Spain in terms of volume sales.

Free Run and Felix Solis are now looking to move into the UK market by capitalising on the buzz in the trade around Rueda, as well as varieties like Verdejo and Albariño.

Rachel Robinson, Free Run Wines’ marketing manager, said: “Consumer demand for fresher, lighter styles of white wine is driving interest in aromatic varieties in the UK, as demonstrated by the phenomenal growth of Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc.

“We’re now at a crossroads where many of these consumers are looking around for something new, but still with a similar taste profile.

”The Blume range is well-positioned to capitalise on these trends, with a brand that has been specifically designed to appeal to female consumers, with wines including a classic Rueda blend as well as international varieties like Sauvignon Blanc.”

Blume hits UK wine shelves in November, launching at Musgrave Group’s Budgens chain of convenience stores.

For more on investment in Ruede, look out for the db Spanish Report, due out with our December issue.

One Response to “Free Run Wines to launch Blume in the UK”

  1. Aignan says:

    Rueda having a fashion boost but many other vineyards from Spain have a great potential to charm the British palate.
    From history UK consumption for white wine is based on dry, light, crisp.
    Galicia for instance with Ribeira Sacra or the classic Rias Baixas have a great future just need someone who bring attention on it.
    Spain still have a huge potential to offer value, but please try something away from Rioja…

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