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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Aspall rolls out low-strength cider

17th August, 2011 by Alan Lodge

Aspall is continuing its recent new product drive with the launch of Aspall Lady Jennifer’s.

The 4% abv cider has the lowest alcoholic strength in the Aspall range and was created to provide a more accessible, lighter and more premium alternative to fruit and pear competitor products.

According to the company, it has been designed to grow the cider category, acting as an entry point to the premium cider market and is likely to be particularly popular with women.

It is available nationally in the UK from this month in Waitrose, Tesco and Booths in 500ml bottles, priced at £1.99, as well as also being available to the on-trade.

The introduction of Aspall Lady Jennifer’s follows last month’s launch of Aspall Imperial Cyder, an 8.2% abv vintage cider designed to be drunk by connoisseurs.

The range also includes Aspall Premier Cru Suffolk Cyder, Aspall Organic Suffolk Cyder, Aspall Draught Suffolk Cyder and Aspall Perronelle’s Blush.

Geoff Bradman, Aspall joint managing director, said: “We are very conscious at Aspall that any new product development should offer genuine innovation and grow, not cannibalise, the cider category.

“Lady Jennifer’s taste profile and low abv should attract new drinkers to the premium cider market and encourage further progression within the sector.

“Lady Jennifer’s is named after Mrs Chevallier Guild, the wife of the 7th generation of Aspall founders, who has played an integral role within the business throughout her life. Mrs Guild’s signature cyder, Lady Jennifer’s, is the perfect partner for a garden party and will genuinely help to grow the premium cider market.”

Back in June, Aspall announced a major restructuring programme to cope with the 40% growth of its products over the past year.

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