Women want whisky

The popularity of whisky is on the rise among women, according to UK supermarket Asda.

whisky-woman.jpg35% of women now choose whisky over any other alcoholic drink, according to a recent survey conducted by the supermarket.

It found that 60% of women questioned saw their interest in whisky begin after developing a taste for it when their husbands kept it about the house.
It also revealed that when it comes to serving, women prefer not to water it down or add a mixer, with 52% choosing to drink it neat.

The results suggest that women are unfazed by complexities such as single malts versus blends, and differing cask strengths.
"It’s fantastic to see a drink which in the past has been so strongly associated with men, being enjoyed by an entirely new demographic," said Asda spirits buyer Chris Brooks.
"With 33% of women buying whisky to enjoy at home, and 52% drinking it neat, women are becoming increasingly confident about trying new drinks and are less held back by any old-fashioned stereotypes," Brooks added.

Lucy Shaw, 14.02.2011

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