Dutch trump Brewdog in beer battle

Here we go again. A Dutch beer maker has trumped BrewDog to make the world’s strongest beer.

startfuture.jpg Jan Nijboer’s brewery in Almere has produced the 60% brew called “Start the Future” – a subtle dig at BrewDog’s latest 55% effort dubbed “The End of History”.

While Scottish brewer BrewDog is selling its beer inside stuffed animals at £500 a bottle, the Dutch beer is slightly more affordable at £29 for 37 centilitres.

Nijboer declared that the one-upmanship involved in brewing beer at ever-more ridiculous proofs was just a little “joke”.

However, BrewDog are well known for their combativeness on such issues. Earlier this year they were involved in a tit-for-tat brewing war with a German company for the (dubious) and self-styled honour of having the world’s strongest beer.

One can only speculate what they will come up with next.

Rupert Millar, 30.07.2010

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