Chilean wineries halt production after quake

Chilean wineries are assessing the damage caused to their stocks and facilities in the wake of the huge earthquake which devastated the South American country at the weekend.

quake.jpgScores of winemakers have brought production to a halt as the clear-up revealed the shocking extent of the damage the 8.8 magnitude quake caused when it struck on Saturday.

Concha y Toro, Chile’s biggest winemaker, has said it is suspending production and logistics operations for at least a week after several of its wineries suffered serious damage in the most impacted area of the country, hundreds of miles south of the capital Santiago.

“The area with the largest impact is in the heartland of wine production,” said Concha y Toro CEO Eduardo Guilisasti in a statement.

“Our company, as well as the rest of the industry, have been heavily impacted by this catastrophe.

“We have already been able to assess serious damage to some of our main wineries which are located in the worst affected areas.

“This includes important loss in wine and production capacity. A more detailed assessment of the exact magnitude of these damages is currently being completed.”

VSPT, Chile’s second largest wine group, has created a Task Force in order to re-establish normal service as soon as possible.

Javier Bitar, CEO of the Wine Group, said that VSPT will invest all resources necessary in order to get production back to normal with minimum disruption to service.

The group has also reinforced its customer service operations in order to keep colleagues around the world continuously informed about the status of shipments.

A statement from the group said: "VSPT wine group is happy to confirm that no-one from the organisation was badly injured during the quake or its aftermath, and that only four people were treated for minor injuries.

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