Beer backlash bites Brewdog

8th March, 2010 by db_staff

The backlash against Brewdog is gathering pace following the maverick Scottish brewer’s release of a record 41% abv beer to reclaim the world’s strongest beer crown from German rival Schorschbrau.

Towards the end of last year, Brewdog waddled into the record books with Tactical Nuclear Penguin, an Eisbock-style beer with a strength of 32%, yet within weeks, the Schorschbrau brewery, the previous record holder, reclaimed the title with the launch of Schorschbock at 40%.

Yet the heavyweight beer belt is now back round Scottish waists following the unveiling of the controversially named “Sink The Bismarck”. At 41%, the new beer, a heavily hopped hybrid of an IPA and a barrel-aged beer, has been criticised for its contentious name….

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