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Thursday 28 August 2014

Featured products: Williams Elegant Crisp Gin

8th February, 2010 by db_staff

williams-chase.jpgProduct Name: Williams Elegant Crisp Gin

Contact Details: Chase Distillery, +44 (0) 1432 820 920

Williams Elegant Crisp Gin has been nearly two years in the making. Having been through a copper pot still and column, with 42 bubble plates, twice over and then through the Carter Head style gin still, the finished gin is distilled over 100 times.

The gin is complicated. The taste is the true taste of junipers highlighted by the citrus and he sweetness of the apples, elderflowers and hops. It has a beautiful and textured mouth feel due to the luscious organic apples and the naturally pure water taken straight from the aquifer that runs underneath our orchards.

If drinking with tonic water, Chase Distillery recommends serving with a slice of apple to bring out the flavour.

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