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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Olmeca Tequila unveils Altos

10th November, 2009 by Alan Lodge - This article is over multiple pages: 1 2

High above the glittering Christmas lights of London’s Oxford Street, Olmeca Tequila this week unveiled Olmeca Altos, its new premium 100% blue agave tequila.

olmeca.jpg The spirit is the result of a unique collaboration between Mexican distilling knowledge and British bartending expertise.

Olmeca Altos has been created through a collaboration between Jesus Hernandez, master distiller at Olmeca Tequilas and Henry Besant and Dre Masso of the Worldwide Cocktail Club, a specialist on-trade drinks consultancy.

Henry and Dre have travelled to Mexico many times over the past three years to consult on the creation of the product, using their knowledge of the premium tequila market established through the pair’s ownership of London tequila bar and restaurant Green & Red.

“For years we have been looking for a premium tequila that over-delivers on taste, without being priced out of the reach of every-day consumers, that also offers good value opportunities for the on-trade,” said Henry Besant, managing director at the Worldwide Cocktail Club.

“Thanks to Olmeca we have had a unique opportunity to go and do what no British barman has ever done before, to travel to Jalisco and work with Jesus and his team to create a brand new tequila.

Jesus Hernandez interviewed at the Olmeca Altos

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