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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Le Beast challenges French minister

17th December, 2008 by Patrick Schmitt

Wolf-like puppet and brand ambassador for southern French wine Le Beast challenged the French state secretary for the internet at Europe’s leading web conference. In a daring display, the fanged creature interrupted the event, called Le Web, asking, “Why is it illegal to advertise wine in France?”

le-beast1.jpgEric Besson, French State Secretary for Prospectives and Evaluation of Public Policies and Internet replied, ”French Wines are so great they do not need to be advertised”.

To view the exchange click here

Le Beast is a range of branded wines from the Languedoc, launched in July 2008 by Clink Wines. The marketing strategy for the brand includes personifying the Beast in the form of a wolf-like puppet. This animal, controlled by Loren Feldman, a famous puppeteer in the US, will act as an ambassador for the French wine category, fight for change in French Laws, campaign on duty, and attempt to boost awareness of Languedoc Roussillon.

To find out more about Le Beast, click here

Patrick Schmitt 17.12.08

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