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Saturday 19 April 2014

Leading by design

6th November, 2003 by db_staff - This article is over multiple pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

"1999 was a very flamboyant financial year for Champagne and for us, which allowed the company the funds to rebuild the financial strength of Pol Roger. "I also think – and I don’t want to sound overconfident with this – but I do think my coming into the company helped with the banks.

I think they felt confident with what I had done before and consequently I had access to far lower rates.  And of course I played the banks off against each other.  You know I really loved that part of it.

So we rebuilt the financial strength of the company and the banks are happy and so are we.  Banks obviously realise that to grow a business it is important to invest, and we have invested in Pol Roger."

Part of that investment has also been in revamping and reenergising the company’s lines of distribution.  "One of our first major moves on this front was to move our distribution on the home market, France, from Amadis, to Baron Philippe de Rothschilds.

I think when it all started Amadis were good performers, but by the end, frankly it was not terribly well done.  There seemed to be no logic, no policy, the pricing was all wrong.  In a way we were lucky because they went bust, so we moved immediately to Baron Philippe.

"We now have a solid distribution in France. Baron Philippe is a well organised company that is used to selling premium products and that’s important for us. We’d lost market share in France, but we’re now finding we’re gaining ground back quite quickly.

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