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Sunday 20 April 2014

Leading by design

6th November, 2003 by db_staff - This article is over multiple pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

And fresh blood is exactly what they got. Just last month the company revealed the last of the new packaging designs for their Vintage, Vintage Rosé and Blanc de Blancs wines – the final stage of a complete overhaul of the company’s presentation and image that was carried out by design specialists Lewis Moberly.

"Of course it was difficult," admits Noyelle when quizzed about the decision to revamp Pol Roger’s image.  "White foil has been around for a hundred years or more. It was most definitely a touchy subject. Which is why we decided to go to an outside agency – to get an independent perspective.

It wasn’t the cheapest way of doing it but it was effective. "I mean I don’t consider myself a marketing man. I mean I know what I want, I know where I want to go with Pol Roger but I am not a marketing man. I don’t have those capabilities.

And to be honest, at the time, I didn’t think there was anyone at Pol Roger who had those capabilities.  So we threw it out to tender and ended up working with Mary Lewis at Lewis Moberly, who had emerged as the most capable, and in fact sympathetic, to the whole project."  Noyelle clearly takes pride in the redesign. 

"I think it is still very much Pol Roger," he says, handling a bottle of the brut.  "I think there are some wonderful graphical elements that go back to the beginning of Pol Roger and the designers have taken them and given them a modern edge. 

The wonderful thing for us about the process was that, in truth, Lewis Moberly didn’t come up with anything new, but rather reworked the basic elements of Pol Roger’s design heritage to come up with packaging that was bolder, simpler, more striking and different – yet fundamentally still Pol Roger.

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